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The Sun is a minor character in the Samba de Amigo series. it appeared in every version of the game, as well as in other games.

Physical Appearance

The Sun is.. well a sun, with a yellow circular body, dark & light orange solar flares, a creepy-looking face consisting with two green eyes and a grin, Like Amigo and Amiga , when the player obtains an "B Rank" the sun will closed his eyes, slightly "blushed" and open his mouth widely as it expresses pure excitement. also when his mouth opened you can see that he has a loose tooth.

In the Dreamcast version, the sun's appearance is different than the current counterpart. his eyes is much more larger and its positioned higher to its forehead, his skin is slightly reflective (like a gold-like color), the solar flares' colors is bland-ish and his grinning mouth is different as well, where its shaped like a semi-circle and it doesn't have a horizontal line that crossed with the vertical ones.

In the Wii version, the Sun, along with every other characters got a major update in terms of their graphics. his yellow circular body now has a orange fade in it, the solar flares also have a fade with it but the dark orange flares now has a yellow intersecting line in the middle of each flare, his eyes is much smaller however its green pupils is larger and now positioned in the center above his grin, and his large grin now has a red lip and the vertical & horizontal lines are now black instead of gray.

In Game

When he is in a stage, he is seen usually spins around through-out the game (he spins slower when the player gets a "D Rank"). When the player gets a "B Rank", the sun will stop spinning and faces in the center while doing his "excitement face" and the flares extended further. However the sun will not appear when the player gets a "E Rank" (where a yellow crescent moon replaced his spot) or a "A Rank" (where every character in the stage except for the sun gets transported to the rainbow dimension).

Other Game Appearances

Sega Superstars

The Sun, along with other characters makes a appearance in the Playstation 2 Eyetoy game, Sega Superstars in the Samba de Amigo minigame in both the menu and in game.

Sonic Pinball Party

As part of the Samba de Amigo-themed pinball course, The Sun makes another appearance in the upper right corner of the course. when the player gets a fever and triggers a 2-button version of the original game, the Sun will do his "excitement face" again till the minigame is over.

Sega Superstars Tennis

The Sun returns in the Samba de Amigo-themed court Carnival Park, in which you can only see him during the court intro where he is seen wearing sunglasses while spinning around.

Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing

The Sun makes a appearance in the Samba de Amigo-themed race course Rocky Coaster. he is seen during the bumpy track section where he is placed in the middle while a ferris wheel with a sun & moon face installed in the front is place in the left. his flares spins slowly while his head move and turns to certain positions, like he is looking at his area.

Sonic and All-stars Racing Transformed

The Sun made his appearance once again in the new Samba de Amigo-themed race course Samba Studios, in the harbor/pirate movie scene.


- the Sun doesn't appeared in the rainbow dimension in any point of the game, but actually he does appear in the dimension. In any version of the game, there's a stage that takes place in the rainbow dimension with Amigo all alone. when the player gets either a "B" or "A Rank", the sun will make a return now holding and shaking two maracas while twirling around.

- Surprisingly The Sun makes more appearances in other games than Rio.